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About the Project

Architectural Design Philosophy

  • Make a real civic place that attracts more people for more reasons, for more time. This place can be one of the centers for civic life, essential to civic mindedness.
  • Make civic architecture that is scaled to the City’s aspirations and symbolizes its current and future ambitions in an Iconic Landmark.
  • Make a facility that is state of the art that integrates recreational water activities and competitive swimming.

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Facility Components

  • Outdoor pools with space available for temporary spectator seating (see below for aquatic components).
  • Aquatic support spaces: changing rooms, restrooms, wet classrooms, storage.
  • Administrative spaces: staff offices.

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Aquatics Components

  • 50m pool with movable bulkhead, 1 and 3 meter springboard diving. Pool depths varying from 3'-6" at stair entry, 8'-0" for swimming and water polo, and 13'-0" for springboard diving
  • Zipline and climbing wall features at 50m pool
  • Recreational / instructional pool with zero-depth entry, spray features and activity tower, vortex area, and three lap lanes for swimming instruction and fitness

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Sustainability Features

  • Energy efficient equipment for conditioning of indoor spaces and pool water.
  • Water conservation measure including efficient plumbing fixtures and drought tolerant landscape reducing need for irrigation.
  • Water and energy efficient state-of-the-art pool equipment.
  • Use of recycled materials.
  • Use of efficient lighting fixtures including LED technology.
  • Management of site lighting pollution sources.

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Community Benefits

  • New aquatic facility available for wide range of users.
  • 50m pool designed to meet current competition standards with movable bulkhead to allow for variable distances and/or multiple activities simultaneously.
  • Additional areas available for community use.

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Project Implementation Plan and Timeline

The project is planned to be completed as follows:

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(1) Belmont Plaza Pool Buildings and Site Demolition

Partial existing facility demolition was implemented as a separate project per City Council Action dated April 15, 2014 and Notice of Exemption filed April 16, 2014 resulting from condemnation of existing building.

Time Lapse Video

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(2) Belmont Beach and Aquatics Center Design and Entitlements

This implementation component consists of the following activities and processes:

  • Development of Programmatic Requirements
  • Conceptual Design
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Process
  • Planning Review and Approval
  • Schematic Design
  • Local / Coastal Development Permitting Processes
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Building Plan Check and Permitting Process

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(3) Selection of Construction Contractor and Facility Construction

Construction of the new facility will entail the prequalification and bid, evaluation and award of a construction contract. Site activities will include completion of demolition work and construction of entire new facility (support spaces, site hardscape and landscape).

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Project Timeline

The timeline for the project implementation is anticipated to proceed as follows:

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Funding for this project is being provided primarily from the City’s Tidelands Fund.