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About the Project

Architectural Design Philosophy

  • Make a real civic place that attracts more people for more reasons, for more time. This place can be one of the centers for civic life, essential to civic mindedness.
  • Make civic architecture that is scaled to the City’s aspirations and symbolizes its current and future ambitions in an Iconic Landmark.
  • Make a facility that is state of the art that integrates recreational water activities and competitive swimming.

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Facility Components

  • Outdoor pools with space available for temporary spectator seating (see below for aquatic components).
  • Aquatic support spaces: changing rooms, restrooms, wet classrooms, storage.
  • Administrative spaces: staff offices.
  • Outdoor park / plazas for gathering, viewing and enjoying the Southern California beach lifestyle.

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Aquatics Components

  • 50m pool with two moveable bulkheads and a movable floor to provide for simultaneous use of deep and shallow water pool areas.
  • Shallow teaching and therapy pool.
  • Whirlpool for recreational users and divers.
  • Separate deep water well with two (2) 1 meter, two (2) 3 meter diving springboards and stands and 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 10 meter high diving platforms.
  • Convert existing temporary 50m x 25m pool with one moveable bulkhead to a permanent pool with new restrooms, showers and staff kiosk.
  • Recreational pools.
  • 1,865 permanent seating for spectators. 1,555 seats at the new 50m pool and 310 existing seats at the existing temporary pool that will be converted to a permanent facility.

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Sustainability Features

  • Energy efficient equipment for conditioning of indoor spaces and pool water.
  • Water conservation measure including efficient plumbing fixtures and drought tolerant landscape reducing need for irrigation.
  • Water and energy efficient state-of-the-art pool equipment.
  • Use of recycled materials.
  • Use of efficient lighting fixtures including LED technology.
  • Management of site lighting pollution sources.

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Community Benefits

  • New state-of-the-art aquatic facility available for wide range of users.
  • Significant increase in available water surface allowing for expanded programming and use.
  • Pools designed to meet current competition standards.
  • Additional areas available for community use.

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Project Implementation Plan and Timeline

The project is planned to be completed as follows:

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(1) Belmont Plaza Pool Buildings and Site Demolition

Partial existing facility demolition was implemented as a separate project per City Council Action dated April 15, 2014 and Notice of Exemption filed April 16, 2014 resulting from condemnation of existing building.

Time Lapse Video

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(2) Belmont Beach and Aquatics Center Design and Entitlements

This implementation component consists of the following activities and processes:

  • Development of Programmatic Requirements
  • Conceptual Design
  • California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Process
  • Planning Review and Approval
  • Schematic Design
  • Local / Coastal Development Permitting Processes
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Building Plan Check and Permitting Process

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(3) Selection of Construction Contractor and Facility Construction

Construction of the new facility will entail the prequalification and bid, evaluation and award of a construction contract. Site activities will include completion of demolition work (additional pile removals as required) and construction of entire new facility (both indoor and outdoor pools, natatorium and support spaces, restaurant and banquet space, site hardscape and landscape).

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Project Timeline

The timeline for the project implementation is anticipated to proceed as follows:

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Funding for this project is being provided primarily from the City’s Tidelands Fund.