Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is the project going to take? What is the timeline?
  2. Start of Construction of the new facility is pending identification of funding / increase in oil price per barrel. See also Project Implementation Plan and Timeline

  3. How much is the project going to cost? How is it being funded? Who is paying for it?
  4. As of the October 21, 2014 City Council meeting, The City has allocated a total project budget of $103.1 million which will be funded through the City’s Tidelands Funds.

  5. Is the outdoor pool going to remain in use while the new one is being built? Will it affect the current class schedule?
  6. The current temporary pool will remain in use through construction of the new facility. Any impacts to current class and swim programming schedules are anticipated to be minimized due to construction of the new facility.

  7. Will the outdoor pool remain after construction is complete on the new pool? If not, what will be done with that space? Will it go back to being beach? Or will they make it into a play area, volleyball/basketball court?
  8. The temporary pool will be decommissioned after the new facility is open to the public and the space will be restored to parking.

  9. Will the new pool construction affect beach parking?
  10. A portion of the parking lot to the East of the facility will be needed as construction staging area. This space will be returned to public parking after construction is complete. Impacts to the Belmont Pier parking lot to the West of the facility will be minimized to only areas requiring improvements . No staging will be allowed to impact any spaces in this lot.

  11. Is the new pool going to affect the current restaurant that is attached?
  12. La Palapa restaurant was demolished as part of the project and a new café space will be provided. The City will be seeking proposals from prospective operators through a separate process.

  13. Is the construction of the new pool going to affect the pedestrian pathways?
  14. The project construction site will include the footprint of the existing facility, the park area to the North of the existing facility and E. Olympic Plaza. All pedestrian pathways within the project construction site will be closed to public access during construction. Re-configured and enhanced pedestrian pathways will be re-established upon completion of the project.

  15. Are there going to be road closures during construction?
  16. Access to the project site via Bennett Ave. will be limited and E. Olympic Plaza will be closed.

  17. Are the drawings/renderings of the new building, pool and landscaping going to be available for the public to view?
  18. Drawings and renderings of the new facility will be available on this site upon issuance of the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

  19. What are the pool specifications? (i.e. Pool size? How many diving boards, etc.)
  20. The facility will provide both indoor and outdoor pools. See page About the Project for additional details.

  21. Will spectator viewing areas be provided for the new pool when events are being held?
  22. 1,250 permanent spectaor seats are proposed for the indoor pools in the new facility.

  23. How can the community provide input to the project?
  24. Notifications for opportunities for the public to provide input to the project will be issued in concert, and in compliance with requisite permitting processes.

    Responses to comments received will be published in the final EIR. Notification for the Planning Commission Hearing to consider approval of the final EIR will be distributed in compliance with CEQA requirements, through the Planning Commission Meeting Notification Process.

    From April 13 until June 16, 2016, the public was invited to provide comments to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR).

    Prior to issuance of the DEIR, the community has been engaged through a technical advisory committee established by the City to help guide the determination of the programmatic elements of the facility, as well as through input received during a design workshop in May of 2015 and through a subsequent online survey conducted through this website.

    Links to the DEIR, DEIR Study Session Presentations, Community Meeting Presentations, and Results of the design survey can be found on the Community Input Page

  25. Are there any alternative locations where the pool can be constructed?
  26. Project alternatives, including locations will be addressed in the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR). Due to the funding requirement that the project remain in the Tidelands area, the established use of the existing site as an aquatic center and other feasibility analyses conducted and considered, the City is proceeding with a preferred alternative of implementation of the project at the current site.